How does it work?
If you are an agent, the platform works the same way as it does for landlords, so check out the landlord FAQs here
Why use the platform?
We understand that too much of your time is spent on enquiry handling, inspections, paperwork, negotiations, problem fixing. The concept of Hmlet Listed is to digitize all that for free you to focus on property sourcing and landlord relations. Spending time more wisely helps you growing your property management listings. Our technology solutions handle the time consuming and tedious aspects of your work.
How do you qualify to list your properties?
If you are an agent with professional working practices and like to be an early adopter of new technological solutions, you will love Hmlet Listed. In general we don’t accept freelance agents, but prefer to work with more established agents as partners to jointly grow our businesses. That said, we invite you to contact us to discuss cooperation. If you are interested in listing your properties on our platform, contact us today and arrange a meeting with our business development team to discuss onboarding your properties.
What makes Hmlet Listed different than other listing marketplaces?
We deliver closed deals, not open leads.
What does it cost to list?
Listing is free, but we have a (co-agent type) service fee based on closed deals. Contact us to find out more about our service fee structure.
Why no duplicates is your new best friend?
One of the fundamental problems in the real estate market is the non-exclusive nature of landlord and agent relationships and the consequences of duplicate listings that this causes. At Hmlet Listed. one of our foundations is to protect the interests of agents and their relationships with landlords. Therefore we have a zero duplication policy. That means that once you list a property with us, no other agent can list that property. This is done on a “first come, first served” basis, which rewards agents who partner with Hmlet Listed early on, providing you with long term security for your listings.


How can I list on the website?
We have a bulk listing process to upload your properties. Typically, agents have a property management system that lets you export to in excel (XLS) format your listings. We work with you to import this into the Hmlet Listed platform. Our data is generally at a higher level of detail, so our onboarding team will fill in any missing data.
How is photo taking arranged?

We work with you to group units of one building into a photoshoot. Together we work a calendar of shooting. The agent is not required to participate in the photoshooting, just arrange access, keys and ensure the room has been cleaned and prepared for shooting. We have guidelines and manuals to assist with this, to ensure that it goes smoothly. It is critical that the properties are well presented and decorated, to maximise your chances of securing tenants.

As we can shoot 5-7 units in a day, we commonly arrange with you to secure 5-7 units in one building or are and do a full day’s photoshoot.


How does the process work?
The contracting process is totally online. Our responsibility is to deliver you signed leases for you to accept. Digital signatures are used, to facilitate the deal and ensure it is smooth and efficient for all parties. In general, it works best if the agent has authority from landlords to sign leases on their behalf. As landlords have a 48 hour window to accept a booking, it helps if you can execute this in a timely fashion.
How do I get started?
We are excited to work with agents who want to embrace the digital revolution, save time and growth their listings -- and closed deals! To get started, just drop us an email at [email protected] to set up a time for a coffee and discussion about how to get started.