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Flat Monthly apartment rental platform expands to Kuala Lumpur

Flat Monthly (www.flatmonthly.com), a digital web platform for renting apartments, condos and co-living arrangements in Southeast Asia, has expanded to Malaysia with the opening of its Kuala Lumpur office.

The company launched this summer with a focus on Bangkok, and then Singapore.

The rapid success in those markets triggered the sooner-than-expected opening of a KL hub, said Flat Monthly CEO Michael Hogg.

Malaysia is super-attractive as a business location, and companies as well as executives are seeking smarter ways to rent quality accommodations at competitive rates for medium- to long-term leases.

Several strategic distribution agreements have been reached with Malaysian based companies, including OYO, a global property powerhouse, which has spurred the expansion.

Already hundreds of units from developers and landlords, as well as the real estate agents representing them, have listed their properties, and hundreds more are in the process of onboarding their listings. 

Mr. Hogg acknowledges that the demand for listings in KL has been surprisingly strong, causing the company to advance the opening of its Malaysian head office and to accelerate the uploading of 360 degree VR photography of the new inventory:

We don’t compromise on the quality of our visual representation of our clients’ stock, so we are speeding up our processes to maintain our competitive differentiator as producers of the most attractive listings on the internet.

The problems of renting condos, serviced apartments and co-living spaces in KL is comparable to those prevailing in Bangkok and Singapore, Mr. Hogg noted.

Landlords and agents have an oversupply of vacant stock, but they don’t want the headache of renting for short periods and till now the hassle of medium and long-term rentals has been a deterrent.

On the other hand, executives moving to KL, and their companies, seek competitive monthly and annual rates for their stays.

Flat Monthly offers a far more convenient, all-digital, and visually stunning way to locate and contract apartments without the exhausting hunt and paperwork that made the process painful for all parties.

About Flat Monthly

Flat Monthly is a revolutionary platform for landlords, agents and tenants to expedite listing, searching and transacting agreements for the rental of condominiums and apartments.

By moving the rental process wholly online, automating many routine tasks, and adding cutting edge features like 3D photography Virtual Reality tours and digital signing, the company offers all parties an innovative way to streamline the rental process end-to-end, saving time and money while achieving more satisfactory results — quicker, easier, and more efficiently.

The business currently operates in Bangkok, Singapore, and now Kuala Lumpur.

Further Information

Mr. Michael Hogg
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Website: www.flatmonthly.com

Phone: +65 90303643

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