Flat Monthly – Supporting Renters, Landlords and Agents with “Touchless Rental Contracting” Solution

Flat Monthly has been pioneering the online processing of residential rentals for about 6 months now. In a nutshell, the firm’s objective of making rentals “Beyond Easy” relies on using best of breed digital solutions for every step of the rental process. High quality VR/360 room imagery, digital contracts, online payments, on demand living services etc.

Unwittingly, this is increasingly attractive to agents, landlords and tenants, as it not only makes the process frictionless, it also makes it “touchless”. In a period of increased sensitive about touring, meetings, inspections and general exposure to others, this provides the ultimate “contact-free and touchless” solution for all parties concerned.

Anyone who has studied Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, knows that shelter is way up the top of the triangle, meaning that provision of accommodation or “shelter” as Maslow refers to it is a basic human necessity. It is not a fad, trendy, nice to have or a luxury, but a fundamental requirement for living.

Flat Monthly believes that the rental of medium and long term accommodation is going through a fundamental shift in its nature.

The current pandemic will just accelerate what it believes is a foregone conclusion, that it will be transacted digitally, online, like so many other services these days.

Consumer behavior is well accustomed to transacting online, and until Flat Monthly, were unable to satisfy that need for online transaction of medium and long term rentals.

To facilitate this “touchless” solution, Flat Monthly has opened its proprietary technology platform for touchless rentals to all the parties in the rental eco-system. Agents, landlords, developers, corporates and tenants can now all use, license or access its technology to help them conduct business in a “touchless” manner.


About Flat Monthly

Flat Monthly (www.flatmonthly.com) is a revolutionary platform for landlords, agents and tenants to expedite listing, searching and transacting agreements for the medium- to long-term rental of condominiums and apartments.

By moving the rental process wholly online, automating many routine tasks, and adding cutting edge features like 3D photography Virtual Reality tours and digital signing, we offer all parties an innovative way to streamline the rental process end-to-end, saving time and money while achieving more satisfactory results — quicker, easier, and more efficiently.

In short, we make the long-term rental process Beyond Easy!

The business currently operates in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Further Information

Mr. Michael Hogg
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Website: www.flatmonthly.com

Phone:  +65 90303643

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