The 14 Minute Apartment Rental Revolution Comes to Southeast Asia

The 14 Minute Apartment Rental Revolution Comes to Southeast Asia

How to find and book an apartment over a cup of coffee

The moment you need to rent  a new apartment or condo, the dread begins, and with it a couple weeks of ups and downs and headaches. And that was before the pandemic hit. Now the pain has been multiplied.

Where shall we begin?  Searching traditional rental listing websites is an exercise in frustration. Most are disorganized with spotty information, no or low-quality photos. Go through an agent? Prepare for duplicate listings, duplicitous dealing, unresponsive realtors. You need to search, hunt and peck for hours. Then, when you finally get a shortlist, prepare for more aggravation. 

Renting a place in Southeast Asia means poor communications, linguistic misunderstanding, missed appointments, disappointing inspections, delays, cancelations. And we haven’t even reached the pain of contracts and payments, the need to negotiate the most trivial of details. Are we done yet? Unfortunately, the would-be deal so often falls through.Then start all over again!

The team of the recently launched Hmlet Listed website had a vision of how renting an apartment or condo should be, and now they are well along the way of making it happen. They aim to reduce the typical fourteen days of flat-hunting hell  into an all-online, completely digital search-find-and close-the-deal process that can take as little as 14 minutes.

Hmlet Listed  took the best practices of sites like and AirBnB, added its own special sauce like Virtual Tours, 360 degree neighborhood scans, digital contracts and secure online payment to create a wrap-around revolutionary rental experience that’s a joy and pleasure to behold. The one-stop-shop includes the ability to rent furniture and living services all “under one roof.”

Landlords and agents love it, uploading thousands of listings and letting Hmlet Listing do the heavy lifting of creating high resolution photos at no extra charge. Michael Hogg, one of the site’s senior executives, said that the timing couldn’t be better.

Property owners and realtors prefer long stay and flexible rentals.

There’s an over-supply of apartments sold as investments to non-resident owners which stand vacant due to the difficulty of finding tenants these days.

These days you can’t closing deals by remote control the old way.

The Hmlet Listed way, Mr Hogg says, is a godsend to the landlords and agents, sparing them the aggravations, costs, and risk of face-to-face meeting and show-and-tell. They also slash their time to rent and have a far shorter all-digital path to money in the bank. 

Hmlet Listed  lets tenants find and book their dream-flat from afar. The company invests at its own expense in high-res photography and creates the virtual walk-throughs and panoramic VR tours of each unit, along with floor plans, complete data and ready to sign digital contracts.

The would-be renter filters available flats in desired locations, “tours” them online, checks out utility cost breakdowns, payment schedules, and requests to book. The owner or agent  reviews the request and can accept it immediately or ask questions.

The whole process typically takes 10 to 30 minutes to mutual digital signing to seal the deal.

Hmlet Listed ’s online support for its tenant members doesn’t end with signing the contract.

The company can provide a “virtual concierge” to arrange living services like laundry, cleaning, scoota and coffee capsules, partnering with trusted vendors so tenants can forget the hassles and start enjoying life fully from the first moments in their new homes.

About Hmlet & Hmlet Listed

As Asia Pacific’s foremost lifestyle accommodation operator, Hmlet has over 1,400 long stay properties under direct management and another 5,000 under rental and marketing management. Using its latest technologies that benefit both Landlords and tenants, the company wraps it offerings in a blanket of experiences and services that deliver a unique and unparalleled offering to the market. 

Core services include interior design as a service (DAAS), furniture rental as a service (FAAS), co-living operation and management as well as residence rental management and marketing. Hmlet employs 200 staff across the 6 countries in which it operates. 

One of the region’s fastest growing proptech companies, Hmlet is owned and backed by management and venture investors including, Burda Principal Investments, Mitsubishi Estate, Reinventure Group, Sequoia Capital India, and Aurum Investments.