Hmlet Listed Leverages Virtual Reality to Relieve the Pain and Reduce the Risk of Apartment Renting

Hmlet Listed Leverages Virtual Reality to Relieve the Pain and Reduce the Risk of Apartment Renting

Even before COVID-19, nobody enjoyed the flat rental process. For renters, looking for a new rental apartment or condo meant running around town, usually being disappointed, or else using sketchy sites, vague listings, and random posts in a hit-or-miss pursuit of a hidden gem in a new city. 

Owners and agents resented it as a necessary evil: repetitively meeting, explaining, negotiating to find a suitable long-term tenant.

Since the pandemic, those problems have gotten worse. Much worse.

Till now. Prop tech and lifestyle innovator Hmlet Singapore last month announced Hmlet Listed, a revolutionary web platform for renting apartments, condos and co-living arrangements in Southeast Asian cities.

The trendsetting real estate firm is betting that innovations like 3D photography and Virtual Tours and 360 degree neighborhood scans can transform the rental process from a pain to a pleasure for all parties, eliminating the need for physical home inspections, tedious negotiations, onerous paperwork, and physical transactions.

The bet appears to be paying off big-time. In Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, condo developers and apartment complex owners, along with top real estate agencies, have flocked to list their properties in the portal, which brings and AirBnB style convenience to a previously technologically underserved medium- and long-term rental market sectors. In its first month, the company reported, more than 6000 units were listed in those cities alone.

Hmlet Listed offers a compelling value proposition to owners and agents: list properties at no cost, and get free high-res photography of properties, creation of 3D walk-throughs and 360 degree neighborhood scans, as well as security and convenience features digital contract signing and online transactions.

Renters benefits by getting detailed information, VR tours, and high-resolution views they need to “feel the new place” and make intelligent decisions.

Michael Hogg, leading the HL initiative for Hmlet, explained the advantages of an all-online solution, especially in the current post-lockdown, travel-averse environment. 

Virtual flat-hunting can be done whilst lying in bed. It’s faster, safer, and ideally suited to the current context. Even if you’re in a different city, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you get there. As a result, there’s a much higher likelihood to get exactly what you’re looking for.

About Hmlet

As Asia Pacific’s foremost lifestyle accommodation operator, Hmlet has over 1,400 long stay properties under direct management and another 5,000 under rental and marketing management. Using its latest technologies that benefit both Landlords and tenants, the company wraps it offerings in a blanket of experiences and services that deliver a unique and unparalleled offering to the market. 

Core services include interior design as a service (DAAS), furniture rental as a service (FAAS), co-living operation and management as well as residence rental management and marketing. Hmlet employs 200 staff across the 6 countries in which it operates. 

One of the region’s fastest growing proptech companies, Hmlet is owned and backed by management and venture investors including, Burda Principal Investments, Mitsubishi Estate, Reinventure Group, Sequoia Capital India, and Aurum Investments.