How does it work?
Forget everything you know about the painful process that normally is associated with renting a condo or apartment. No more wasted time searching through poorly shot units, with no descriptions or floorplans, endless emails, running around doing inspections, weeks negotiation, weird and wonderful lease agreements. Hmlet Listed is the Uber way to do things. Just search, select, book, pay, move in.
Why should I book through Hmlet Listed?
Because it is fast, easy, transparent. In short….it is the most painless rental process in the world
What does it cost?
The great thing about Hmlet Listed is that all the costs are clearly shown and itemised upfront. No surprises, no changes. On top of the base monthly rental, there is a small reservation fee to cover the cost of running the marketplace and photography, a fee for credit card charges and any local taxes applicable. If you select certain services like cleaning, wifi, etc, those are all listed and priced on the booking page.
What's the deal with inspections?

Yes, we do offer physical inspections for stays over 3 months, but one of the greatest things about Hmlet Listed is that you don’t need to do physical inspections. You can do virtual inspections, either via the website, or one of our VR Lounges. Because we shoot all properties in full 360 degrees, VR mode, including the building common areas and the surrounding neighbourhood, you can have a totally immersive inspection experience. Because our photographic technology is so good, our virtual inspection is actually better than a physical inspection, because you just get to see so much. The gym, the pool, the local cafes, the local park, the local train station, etc.

It also means that in one hour, you can easily inspect 10-15 properties, proving you many more choices than normally you could do in person.

What is the minimum stay?
There are two factors that set minimum stays. First is the local regulations. For example, in Thailand less than 30 days is illegal, in Singapore less than 90 days is illegal. Secondly, it is up to each landlord to set their minimum stay period. In general, we encourage them to set it at 3 months, but in most cases, it ranges from 6 to 12 months. Use the cool search filter functions or key in your actual stay dates to see a selection of properties available for your exact duration needs.
Can I ask some questions first before confirming a booking?
Sure, no problem, that is what we are here for. Either complete the short inquiry formhere, or if you have a specific property of interest to you, click the enquire button on that properties page.


How do I search and check availability?
All properties will have different minimum stay periods and different availability dates, so to get the accurate list of suitable properties, enter your move in and move out dates. The advanced search can help you drill down to exactly what you are looking for. As we are adding new properties every day, remember to check back from time to time to find.
What are the key terms of the rental agreement?
Each property will have specific terms and conditions set by its landlord. These are detailed clearly on each property listing page. The terms and conditions here provide a more general list of the terms for all parties. Each country has a standard lease agreement that complies with the laws and regulations of that country.
How long does it take to confirm my booking?
Once you have completed the booking process, the lease application is automatically sent to the landlord or agent of the property, to accept and countersign your application. They have 48 hours to do this. Once they countersign, a completed copy of the lease application will be automatically sent to you with a copy of the formal lease agreement. You and the landlord digitally sign the lease, and you are now ready to move in.
When do I need to pay?
You provide your credit card details as part of the booking process. However your credit card is not charged until the formal lease agreement between tenant and landlord is signed. once signed you pay one months rental (plus any services, fees, and taxes). When you move in you will need to pay to the landlord directly the security deposit. Thereafter you pay rental monthly to the landlord directly.
Are digital contracts and signatures legally binding?
Digital contracts are becoming commonplace nowadays, almost to the point where consumers don’t even question it when they agree to a contract. Every airline booking, hotel booking, pizza order, are all binding digital contracts, in most case even without a signature of the parties. Governments recognize this and are now accepting the legal validity of digitally signed agreements, including leases. In general, they have not yet accepted digital contracts for the sale of real estate, but the rental of real estate is accepted. In Thailand, however, it is accepted for rentals of less than 3 years.


What living services do you provide?
One of the challenges when moving to a new location or country is finding all the essential living services. Cleaners, laundry, driver, nanny, repairman, coffee machine and caps, scoota etc. Hmlet Listed takes all the pain and anxiety out of that for you. Either at the time of booking or during your stay, you can order up whatever living services you need. The list is growing all the time, so to see what is available in the country where you will stay…...just click here
Who are the service providers?
Note that Hmlet Listed is not the provider of these services. We are your “Living Services Concierge” who screen and select the best suppliers in your area, and facilitate the services agreement with them for you. Once connected, you have the freedom to contact them directly if you wish, or make services requests through the portal.
When can I book then?
When you book your condo, you have the option to select what services you want. Alternatively, you can book them anytime through the tenant portal on the Hmlet Listed website.
What do they cost?
Prices vary depending on the country or city you are in, so to see the latest prices please click here
Can I arrange then later?
Sure can…..just drop us a request via the tenant service portal in the Hmlet Listed website
Can I cancel them?
No problem. Most services are on a monthly basis, so either just let the service provider know or drop us a note and we can arrange cancellation of the service for you.
How do I pay for the services?
If you book the services through Hmlet Listed, we can arrange to automatically deduct your credit card that you have on file with us. Alternatively, if you want to deal directly with the supplier you can utilise any of their payments methods.


How is the rental price calculated?
Good news is that it is not one of those mysteries of the universe type things. The rate is calculated based on the months and days stay. Short stays have a slightly higher monthly price(15-25%) and longers stays have a lower monthly rate. If you stay less than a full month, that month is prorated based on the number of days.
What is included in the rent?
Some properties include utilise and some do not, so you need to look carefully at each one to see what is included. This is clearly outlined on each properties description page and during the booking process.
Is wifi included?

Some properties include wifi in the rental price, but most do not. Unfortunately, wifi providers in Asia have failed to provide a service appropriate for the modern era and struggle to offer flexible wifi terms less than a year. Consequently, most properties don’t have wifi connected all the time (in some countries).

In such cases, it means that wifi needs to be a “Living Services” option, whereby the landlord will arrange wifi at the commencement of the lease. The price of this is listed clearly in the “Living Services” section of the booking process. You can select it during the booking process or alternatively discuss with Landlord when you move in. Note however it can take up to a week or two to arrange wifi installation in some units.

What is cost of utilities?
Unless you are staying in one of the serviced apartments, utilities are generally not included in the rent. Often it is difficult to estimate the cost of utilities because it is based a lot on the usage of aircon. If you stay at home all day and run A/C, your power bill will be 2-3 times more than someone who is working during the day. To try and provide at least a guide to typical utilities cost we have complied this table to help tenants estimate monthly living costs.
When will I get my deposit back?
Standard terms and conditions for most leases are that the Landlord will return the deposit within 30 days after check out. It is clearly mentioned in the lease, so just double check that the standard is being observed.


Can I modify my booking after booking confirmed?
Just log in to the tenant portal and log a request to modify the lease. Depending on the extent of the changes, we can either have an email exchange to confirm it or if necessary re-issue the lease agreement. Changes closer to the move in date become more challenging and difficult, so let us know as soon as you need to make any changes. We always do our best to accommodate changes, but ultimately it is a decision for the landlord.
Can I cancel a booking before the move in?
Yes, you can. Just refer to the cancellation terms of the agreement. Depending on the timing of the cancellation you will either have full, part or no refund of the deposit and reservation fee.
Can I cancel after I have already moved in?
Yes, you can. The termination terms and conditions are clearly explained in the lease. So check the lease to determine your liability to forfeit any deposits and any costs etc.


How does the review process work?
At the end of the lease, each tenant is sent an email asking for a review of their experience. Reviews are then posted on the website, for that property.
Can I edit reviews?
Sure, you can edit them, or ask us to make any changes.


Does my personal data get used for anything else?
All data is kept and maintained in accordance with the Privacy Policy here. In short, we do not provide any data to outside third parties, for any purpose.
Can I unsubscribe from any Hmlet Listed communications?
Sure can, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.