Hmlet Listed is not just an awesome platform for renting a property. It also makes living in your new place more pleasant and efficient. We are your one-stop online concierge for booking all your living services.

What you can book through us!
Coffee subscription
Scoota and Motorbike Rentals
Virtual Assistance


One of the great things about living in Asia is that you don’t need to clean your own place. For as little as $20 a month you can have someone take care of your place for you. Costs vary from place to place. You can book your cleaning service when you book your room, or you can add it on later, via the tenant portal.


In major cities, it’s often a lot easier to use laundry services for washing, drying and pressing your clothes. Because each provider has a different way to calculate price for various services (e.g., per piece, per kilo, with ironing and folding) it is challenging to provide accurate estimates, which depend on volume.

For clothes laundry, the costs varies each time, so we will connect you with one of our trusted partners. Pricing will depend on the volume and nature of the laundry you require.

Tenants have the option to book the cleaning of their linen laundry, as it is a fixed cost per laundry. You can book your Linen Laundry service when you book your room, or you can add it on later, via the tenant portal.


Lets face it, the traffic in major cities can be pretty terrible. If you need a car or a driver for a day or a month, we can help you out. Prices vary depending on the number of days per week, hours per day, any overtime, overnight, etc. Therefore we provide a booking option for only the more common requirements. If your needs are not covered by the standard services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

Coffee and Tea Subscriptions [Thailand Only]

Lets face it: life is just better when the morning starts with a good coffee. At Hmlet Listed, we have partnered with leading specialty coffee brand, Skugga, to provide a monthly coffee and tea subscription service. It includes not only a monthly supply of coffee, but also the capsule machine. All Skugga teas and coffees are forest-grown single origin, from the Skugga plantation in Northern thailand.

Electric Scoota

There is no better way to explore a city than by electric scoota. With Hmlet Listed, you don’t need to buy one: you can just subscribe and pay a monthly fee. We have partnered with one of Asia’s leading electric scooter companies to provide this innovative and fun service.


If you need to go further than an electric scooter can take you and you want independence from the mass transit system, renting a motorbike on a monthly basis can be the ideal solution.


While some apartments come with WiFi already installed, many do not. In such cases, the Landlord or agent may be happy to arrange this for the tenant, but it is not included in the base monthly rental price. You have the option to arrange and book your wifi service at the time of booking your apartment, or through the tenant portal after you have moved in.